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This isn't really a suggestion for the program itself, but how you monetize it. I can't put into words how much your program helped me sort out all my stuff, and I would really like to support you on a regular basis! Patreon would be perfect for it.

Most Patreon pages rely on many one dollar donations. I'm sure most of your user base wouldn't mind chipping in a dollar a month. That way, you can have a recurring stream of donations instead of many one time donations.

You don't have to have rewards, but a simple one you could have is to add the name of your supporters to a credits section of PureRef. I'm sure most of us wouldn't care and would just be happy to support you.

One way to let users know about the existence of your Patreon page (if you decide to make one, that is) is to have a support option whenever you right click on a scene. That way, everyone will know about it.

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