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Perhaps a feature where you will see a GUI interface or HUD in the app could be nice. In the beginning learning all the shortcuts is always tedious. Have a quick button to show/hide this GUI will be very usefull i think.

The user can use it to view this in fullscreen but still would be able to show all the buttons. Much quick than the current help menu i think.
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We have had discussions about adding less intrusive ways of remembering the shortcuts: https://www.pureref.com/forum/read.php?3,423,423#msg-423

Would that be helpful to you?
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Yes, its sort of the same. My idea was also to add the main file menu in the GUI or make it visible. Right now perhaps its not needed as the app cant go into real fullscreen on OSX.

However if or when that is added, i think it will be good to expand the gui and make it possible to view the file menu or help context menu.
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