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Last thread I've seen about grouping images (via search) is from 3-4 years ago... I would still love this option so I can move a group of images without having to reselect them every time, especially if some of them are laying on top of each other.

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It's on our todo list for sure but not on top of it yet. We appreciate your feedback and we know this is a highly requested feature, hang in there!
I agree wholeheartedly; grouping would make many operations so much handier. I have individual pictures that need to stay together even if I optimize the layout (which is a fantastic tool) and have to manually mess up the optimized layout every time to get these images back next to each other, so they don't get lost or forgotten.
Adding a vote for grouping; was looking for the feature just now while working and realized it wasn't available.

Some people suggested "layers" or "frames"; same sort of concept.

https://www.pureref.com/forum/read.php?3,1349,1349#msg-1349 — frames
https://www.pureref.com/forum/read.php?3,1158,1158#msg-1158 — layers or sets
https://www.pureref.com/forum/read.php?3,140,140#msg-140 — groups, 2015
I was actually just jumping into the forums to recommend this same feature. Framing and grouping would be amazing. The work around I am doing now is using a solid fill dark gray image scaling it and pushing it behind all the other images. But this doesn't allow you to drag and select inside the "frame" as it just grabs the bg image instead. Also it is super easy to click on the bg image which automatically brings it to the front and covers all the other images.

Love Pure Ref, but I largely use it for organizing and grouping high level ideas for areas we are developing for the games we are working on. So having some extra features to better organize images would be awesome.

Thanks so much!
I also vote for the grouping function. And it would be awesome if you can jump from group to group(i.e. display each group in full window scale once at a time) by using shortcut keys. Please~~ @.@

Thank you so much!
+1 for this feature.

It would help a lot.
Sorry for the long wait, we've just released a beta of PureRef 2.0 that adds support for grouping selections of images. You can download it on the download page if you want to give it a go! You can read more about the feature here: https://pureref.com/handbook/2.0/features/#groups
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