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Hello! A feature I'd greatly appreciate in Pure ref is an ability to hit a hotkey and draw out a line/arrow connecting your first click to your second, or a press then release kind of thing. It could also link these two points to the images directly below them so that if you move one or both of the images, the points are maintained and the line adapts.

This would be great to place multiple images of things you want to intermix and grab a part of one and link to to a part of another to sell that idea quickly and would be helpful for teams.

A further and broader mind map style feature would also be great in addition. I feel like with the parenting tech already in Pure ref the line/arrow should be easily achievable.

Thanks for your consideration - hope to see this sometime in the future!
This'd be cool to get!
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I second this, it would instantly turn PureRef into an awesome mindmapping tool.
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We have made some tests and this is something we might add to a future version of PureRef but we would like to focus on improving the reference viewing feature set in PureRef first.

Thank you for letting us know that this is something you would like!
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It would great and a very nice feature indeed to be able to link images using some procedural line. You could make nice flow charts or step plan images.

Using procedural or vector lines would make it possible to let the lines be generated automatically while keeping the link
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