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Hello! A feature I'd greatly appreciate in Pure ref is an ability to hit a hotkey and draw out a line/arrow connecting your first click to your second, or a press then release kind of thing. It could also link these two points to the images directly below them so that if you move one or both of the images, the points are maintained and the line adapts.

This would be great to place multiple images of things you want to intermix and grab a part of one and link to to a part of another to sell that idea quickly and would be helpful for teams.

A further and broader mind map style feature would also be great in addition. I feel like with the parenting tech already in Pure ref the line/arrow should be easily achievable.

Thanks for your consideration - hope to see this sometime in the future!
This'd be cool to get!
I second this, it would instantly turn PureRef into an awesome mindmapping tool.
We have made some tests and this is something we might add to a future version of PureRef but we would like to focus on improving the reference viewing feature set in PureRef first.

Thank you for letting us know that this is something you would like!
It would great and a very nice feature indeed to be able to link images using some procedural line. You could make nice flow charts or step plan images.

Using procedural or vector lines would make it possible to let the lines be generated automatically while keeping the link
I have a few more notes about this general concept that relate more to specific notions for consideration when working to implement something like this. Thanks in advance for reading, please see below:

- Would love to have some control over the lines to allow for nice flow and presentation in and around things.
- Could be that you draw out the desired path from one point to the other (think like an S curve) and it does an auto smooth kind of spline based on that.
- Could be that you can click on points of a line and edit them from there, flatten them, etc like a tangent curve, to direct things around or over whatever is on the canvas. Lots of reference for this in node based software.
- Allow the lines like other things in pure ref to be behind or above things.
- Id like to reiterate the ability to have the beginning and end points linked to what is below, but be able to unlink them and move them around and ideally have them "stick" to whatever new thing it was placed over. In this way lines can be copied, edited, and moved around but aren't linked to the wrong things. If this just worked visually it would be super intuitive and enjoyable to use.
- Ability to colorize the lines, and maybe some control for thickness/visual style (dotted, dashed, solid, etc).
- Ability to control transparency like you can with notes.
- Ability to split a point from a line so that you can for instance draw a line off of an image then create "child/sub lines" that can be drawn to multiple places from the end point of the first one.
- Ability to have the spline be directional with an arrow at one end, and to reverse the direction of the curve.
- Ability to create transparent shapes or border only shapes such as a dragging out a square/rectangle, circle, etc. so you can for instance highlight a certain area of a concept then draw lines to that from various references. Or in the point above draw a line from there to an end point which branches into lines pointing at any number of images for nice flow.

I know that's a lot, but I'd love for those types of features to be available and believe pretty much all users of PureRef would find great use in them. Thanks for reading and consideration!
Just as a quick addition. This is certainly helpful for individual users, but more and more Pureref I find is being adopted and useful for teams and that would be extremely useful in communicating and organizing around files that are interacted with by more than one person.

Its a great way to provide feedback/critique and to iterate with people.
I second this, arrow would be tremendously useful!
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