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First of all -- fantastic app, thanks a lot! (supported development with a donation)

It would be super awesome if animated GIFs were supported at some point in the future (maybe just mark them with different background/icon and play on click?). I'm working on motion graphics and it's really helpful to have animations in references.

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This is definitely something we want to implement for future versions of PureRef, unfortunately we can't promise when that will be however. Keep your eyes open for new versions though :)

Thank for the suggestion and the support!
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That's awesome news, thanks! :-)
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Will be cool!

wait this func
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+1 !
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This was what I posted because I couldn't find Gif using the search function.

It would be great to have animation references in GIF format. :) Maybe they could run on mouse over or by holding LMB so it doesn't overload the CPU trying to run lots of them. Also, Gifs could have an icon on the corner or some kind of visual feedback just so you know those are Gifs. Otherwise, it would be hard to find them quickly.

So here another upvote for this idea.
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I wanted to give my own two cents as well.

I really think you should add support not just for gif, but for video files as well. Now hear me out before you damn me to hell! :D I know adding gif and video support probably would be a lot of work and not easy at all to implement, but I have a suggestion that might make it easier for you to work it into PureRef.

Allow users to paste gif and video files into the scene, but add a simple button to view the files themselves using another software.

Example: I paste a gif into my scene. The first frame of the gif appears on the scene and a simple "gif" text is overlaid on the image to let you know it's a gif file. The gif file in its entirety is saved into the scene in the background, if you embed it into the scene. When you right click on the image, you have this option: "open .gif with its associated program". In my case, I view gifs using Google Chrome, so when I click on this option, it opens up a new browser tab and shows me the gif. If it was a .wmv file instead, it would open in Windows Media Player. This should work regardless of if you embed the files or not.

Personally, this would be a huge help for me already. I don't need a lot of fancy functions for "moving" files like gifs and video files, I simply want to be able to paste them among their static image brethren.

Just as a side note: I use PureRef mostly to clean up my bloated folders, which have all sorts of files. I find it a lot more manageable to see all the images at once and place them wherever I want, then delete them from their original folder. So it's also important for me to be able to get the gif/video file out of the scene as well if I need it saved separately somewhere, to pass it off to a colleague for example, in the case of embedding. Right now, when I paste a gif into a scene, when I export it, all I get is the first frame instead of the whole gif...

I know this kind of strays from the original vision of PureRef, but I think this feature would help artists as well, especially for people who animate and may want to have reference videos available in their scenes. The way I proposed should make it more feasible to add "moving" image file support into PureRef, and maybe other kinds of files as well - 3d models, anyone?

(sorry for the rant :D looks like I gave two dollars instead of two cents. I hope this feedback will be useful for the dev team at least.)

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Thanks for all the ideas and suggestions, we'll consider all of them while implementing this!

You're right ZOAG that an "Open with..." option would be easier to do than the actual gif rendering and it would also be a nice feature to have for other use cases.
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On a side note, today I figured out you can already "sort of" do an "Open with..." option with gifs, at least when you copy and paste them directly from your browser. Select the gif on the PureRef scene, then go to "Open Source" (CTRL+Shift+O). It will open the original link of the gif in your browser, where you can basically view it in its original animated form.

Obviously, if the link rots, you wont be able to view the gif, so I suggest you upload it somewhere, like Google Drive, just to be safe. That way, you get to keep the gif, even if the original link stops working.

It's not a solution for videos, however, as you can't really copy and paste movies from your browser, or paste any video files into PureRef for that matter. If you could somehow change the source of whatever you paste, I'm sure you could just make your own thumbnail, paste it into the scene and edit the source, so it points to the video link.

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I think this would be a nice feature as well! +1
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+1 <3

Edit: Actually +5 because some of my friends use PureRef & can't wait for some kind of video/gif support!

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Good idea. I now use a screen recorder which has the option to export as GIF file format to do this. https://www.fonelab.com/screen-recorder/
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