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Would be amazing to enable web links / hyperlinks inside PureRef. I wanted to move my inspirational websites to PureRef but it would be a hassle to copy the note text (the website link) and paste it in a browser everytime.

This is how it can look in PureRef (mock-up): https://i.imgur.com/Nq95SDr.jpg

Just clicking the note box (or CTRL + Click on top of the link like in Microsoft Word)? See screenshot from Word: https://i.imgur.com/ppHMIpF.png

Instead of linking websites to a text with some buttons/dialogs, maybe pureref could search for domains in text and automatically link them (without a underline):

If this gets in, please don't make it necessary to have www. or http:// before the links, it doesn't look good.

If a PureRef dev see this, email me to my account email (here on the forum) and I can send a updated list with domains.

Thank you!

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We have gotten the suggestion to support links in notes before and it is something we will probably look into for upcoming versions of PureRef. When we do we'll keep your suggestions in mind and let you know if we need any help!

Thanks for the detailed suggestion!
I'm probably asking too much, but when you estimate the next version? This month / Q / year?
We can't say but not this month, hopefully this year!
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