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Hello. I just recently downloaded PureRef in the hopes I can improve my referencing when doing my work. It works great so far apart from one issue..

I can't load gifs. Which is really problematic since I have a lot of work that requires me to use this file format to help me improve my learning experience. I don't know why you stated during the installation process that the '.gif' file format was usable even though I haven't had any luck.

If there is a fix around for this, please do tell me. Thanks.
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Unfortunately PureRef can only display the first frame of .gif images currently. This is something we plan to improve for future versions of PureRef so keep your eyes open for updates!
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Hi Pureref!
Firstly, I would like to thank you so much and give my appreciate to your software.
I'm an newbie animator and I'm still learning now.
So.. I need to add not only gif but also even more video format.
I hope you guys think about developing it, to make it more flexible.
And I promise that I will donate more for it if I could get money from my job.
Thank you, again!
Sorry for my poor english! :v

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