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I don't model without Pureref on my Windows machine. It's invaluable to my pipeline. I've recently started using an iPad Pro for sketching/concept work and I would LOVE an iOS version. I have to find anything that comes even close to Pureref.
We have thought of making releases for mobile devices and the codebase of PureRef is made with that in mind but currently we don't have any plans to add IOS or Android to our supported platforms. This is mostly due to lacking resources and the amount of work it takes for every new platform we need to support.

We're glad to hear you like PureRef and sorry we can't let you use it on all your devices but we still have it on our wishlist and we hope to be able to support more platforms in a not too distant future.
Here's to hoping it can become a reality!

I'll continue to spread the word.
Older thread, I know, but I'd be super interested in this. I may even be able to arrange some support to make it happen.

This, plus cloud support (like Google docs or Quip). Edit anywhere and edit collaboratively!!

Contact me if you're interested in trying to make it happen.
We're always happy to hear your opinions so don't worry about writing in old threads!

Thanks for the offer, feel free to contact us through the contact form on the support page and we can take it from there.
Bumper Wrote:
> I don't model without Pureref on my Windows
> machine. It's invaluable to my pipeline. I've
> recently started using an iPad Pro for
> sketching/concept work and I would LOVE an iOS
> version. I have to find anything that comes even
> close to Pureref.

I think that you most developped the android version because it's more fun and cool with android.

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Here’s for hoping it happens as well
Count me in!
I really need this amazing app on my iPad.

with announcement running Photoshop CC on ipad this year, it get's interesting again to have pure ref running on iOS.
I really love using pure ref and missing it there.

Maybe a kickstarter campaign would be interesting to bring this forward?
I'd pay for pureref on ipados

created a dumb forum account to say so. (love pureref btw, keep up the good work)

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Would love pureref on iPad .
iPad i må main drawingtool
Chiming in to say that I'd find this highly useful. Even just as a viewer companion to pinch/scroll around a pureref scene while drawing/sketching would be amazing. Possibly syncing our pureref files from a cloud based platform (ex. sync dropbox / google drive to the app, and then open a pureref file from these sources on our phone or tablet) for mobile scrolling/viewing. Bliss.
Thanks everyone for pitching in! We've been looking into it in between our other tasks and there's a few things that we are still figuring out, for example memory usage is very restricted on the iPad. We might release a simpler version at first, but we'll keep you updated as we progress on it! :)
Been waiting for PureRef on iPad for like 4 years. I gave up. You guys should just try VizRef. It's pretty much exactly what you need on iPad for this. https://vizref.com/
It's pretty advanced already even though it just released like a month ago. It's like 4 dollars and they are adding new features for free.
Thanks for sharing!

We're still planning on making a PureRef iPad version since we believe it would be nice to be able to use your saved scenes across devices. However, this is also what makes it a bit difficult for us since the hardware limits are different on the different platforms.

As we already offer our PureRef updates for free, even if we make a simpler PureRef mobile version at first, of course the app updates will also be free. :)

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(rephrased/ reposted statement)

Sorry have you used Refboard? I really feel like it might not be a good idea to suggest that app to people that are use to using pureref or really anyone for that matter. I've tried using Refboard for free on iPad and frankly, it's incredibly unstable. It actually causes my iPad screen to shut off completely for several minutes nad it prevents me sometimes from using other features of my iPad. My opinion is this developer is not a very dedicated/ honest person based off of how dishonest their product description is and how unstable the app functions on a brand new iPad. I just think as a developer it might be important to maybe research a bit more before making suggestions to people in the community. I hold a lot of respect for you all who have made PureRef and would hate to see trust loss because of recommendations made like this.

I apologize for how my initial post sounded, I was just being informal and candid but I realize how rude I sounded after you responded.

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We love to hear your opinions and feedback but please keep posts respectful and constructive, towards everyone.
Going to rephrase my post because it comes off completely the wrong way sorry about that. Big fan of Pureref.
Thank you, we did only try it out for a few minutes at first, we should indeed have given it a more thorough look, but looked into it a bit more after your post and understand what you mean, we changed our post accordingly. Thanks for elaborating on your feedback!

What we wanted to express was that we think diversity in software is good for development progress and improvement and we love hearing what works and doesn't with other software as well, so we can learn from each other and make better tools for everyone. Keep sharing your thoughts! :)
Just chiming in to support the idea about PureRef for iPad (they have now started to become 6GB standard by the way, but for sure the OS gives quite less than that).
Just started using the iPad for learning how to draw and pixel art mostly and found myself a bit off by having basically the ‘Files’ app on a 1/3rd of the window swapping between some files (they were very few so manageable, at least that’s not as battery draining as normal apps).

Doesn’t have to be free or ‘donations based’, would definitely be worth to support and pay.
Hey everyone!
We hear you! We can't promise anything solid but might have something to test in the near future.
We would love to hear your input, if you're interested in trying it out and influencing the development, please let us know by sending us a mail at info@pureref.com and we'll take it from there!
I'll pay for a full priced Android app for this.

Currently I'm trying to make a mobile workflow out of my reference collections by simply having the image files that PureRef is linked to in a google drive folder, so at least on my phone and my laptop, I'm always able to navigate the library I'm curating.

But an actual Android app that opens the actual pureref files would be phenomenal, and would get my vote/cash.

Cheers devs,
iPad version would truly be neat.... I mean really neat....
hello , Today I got similar app to Pureref on iPad , it called muse , its very good and it has also the ability to add videos in the scene + many other features , check it out .

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A version for iPad would be incredible! I don't know how many people work cross-platform -- PC and iPad OS, but I'm one of those. Right now I'm using VizRef Pro on the iPad and it's just as good as PureRef for the most part, even doing a couple of things PureRef doesn't, like support for animated gifs.

Of course, two different platforms and apps means setting up references twice for the same project. For something like a comic book or graphic novel project, this is quite time consuming. Would love it if I could just use PureRef on both operating systems, only having to transfer files or simply keep them on the cloud.

So add me to the list of people who wouldn't hesitate to support an iPad version.
I use VizRef for iPad. It basically does all I need that purefef offers. I was lucky to sideload it to my mac before apple blocked being able to do that so I can use that until pureref releases an apple silicon mac version
i'm here begging on my knees for an ios version of pureref to be made.

i literally tried all of these other apps and they're so complicated and/or ugly.
vizref is so close to being good but they unwittingly decide to cap how far you're able to zoom out?? like why?!?

i feel so constricted compared to pureref which is super simple and actually lets you freely lay things out.
please pureref, i beg of you.
This needs to happen, please
Excellent, that's great
its almost the end of 2022, have been using pureref for 3 years i think? and i would kill for pureref to be made on ipad,

doesnt have to be a full version if the ipad would limit the app, maybe like a lite version?so you have to do a "save as pureref lite" on pc first if we want to open it on ipad, and ofcourse the pc version can easily open the pureref file from ipad, i would gladly pay to get the app on applestore

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