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Not gonna complain guys, but it's been a while, there are posts for clarity and dozens of awesome suggestions on the forums, but still no news, no "hey, look this is in internal testing, we're working on something" with a couple screenshots of things going on in the background.

I think the community would totally understand if you say "*Hey, it's a free project and donations can't keep up our working on this anymore, we're glad to be used in AAA productions worldwide but we can't really keep it up, so there's not gonna be anything new under the sun*".

But at least allow users for some clarity whether they should go look for the features they requested elsewhere, instead of hoping in the developers to put some effort in development AND communication.

I don't know if you guys really understand the glory of the project you ventured within, but it's one of the most used tools for referencing for artists. Worldwide.

This should be enough to at least be clear on the intent of what's gonna be in the future. I'm glad you guys have something to be proud of, and it's great you kept your killer app free and relied on donations, but this doesn't look like a decent excuse for just stopping development without telling anybody, or for not caring about the whole community whether it be through the forums or the discord channel.

People have been waiting for responses, for updates, for more features and have been ACTIVELY contributing to it. This is not something "for us community only", but it's also for you as developers. Where money fails, ideas don't. They keep the product fresh and good ideas make products better, which then turns into a more decent monetization.

This app could be on every artist's mouth but so far, I only see a 90% chance of a dead project which hasn't been updated in a while, whose forums are dried out desert and whose community has gone through unrest already, and now it's just resignation about this not being updated any longer.

My 5 cents, sorry for the harsh words but that's exactly the thought of the people who regularly use PureRef on a daily basis out there.


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