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Ever wonder about importing images into PureRef and exporting it into a single image, only to find out later when comparing with the original picture, the exported image has dull colors? I found out a way to restore the exported PureRef image Color space:

1. Open Adobe Photoshop, on the View tab, go to proof tab and custom.

2. On the window of Customize Proof Condition, under Device to simulate, find something with the words including "P3" like for example image P3.

3. Once you load the profile onto the exported image, it should now go back to the original color space the original photo had, I compared them myself and it worked! Make sure you find a way to save that color so it embeds on the image.
Thank you for sharing your findings! We've just released a beta version of PureRef 2.0 that adds support for embedded color profiles which should make imported images show with correct colors in case they have a profile. This will also help when exporting, although if you export with cropping the exported images will be exported as sRGB, but they should look more correct. There is also a new setting to export images in their original format which will retain any embedded color profiles, but it will only work for newly created scenes unfortunately.
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