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Hello, fellow users of this amazing software.

For a long time I have been hoarding reference at massive scale, downloading in bulk and putting it all in PureRef by hand.
I decided to automate this process.

This seemed impossible because PureRef does not currently provide the tools to do this, so I reverse engineered the format and built them, today I am here to share them.
Supply a folder with images, and this Python tool generates a beautifully organized PureRef file. You could also use this tool to write your own converter.

I hope Idyllic Pixel doesn't object to this project, I personally believe it enriches the software. I want to clarify that I did not reverse engineer the software itself but only wrote a reader and writer for the file format by painstakingly analyzing the hexdump.

I hope you enjoy the tool!


Explanation video:
Sweet! Nicely done!

Have you given any thought to making the folder names command line arguments, instead of hard-coding them in the purerefArtistGenerator script? Might give it a bit more flexibility (you could always have it default to 'Artists' and 'Purs' if you arguments are passed.

Again, very nicely done, this is a great tool!
Done :)
You can now pass the input folder (where the image folders live) and the output folder as arguments, or leave them empty for the defaults. And now it's also possible to directly specify a single image folder instead of a folder of image folders.

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