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When I scanned PureRef-1.11.1_x64.exe on VirusTotal it give me a trojan warning. I created this topic for you guys to see it quickly.

Security Vendor: Zillya

Result: Trojan.Generic.Win32.1642735

İf you see this please look in to it because I really need this and I don't want any possible virus in my computer.

Have a Nice Day :D
I'm getting the exact same result from VirusTotal. Is there another way to guarantee a safe install? Thanks in advance.
For those who do not trust the installation file, download the (.zip) file.
It seems this was triggered by the version of NSIS that we were using for the installer, which we have checked to make sure was just a false positive. One theory is that it was sometime used in a known malware and is now recognized by one vendor as a trojan.

As @MrAlbertGames said the portable version goes through clean and we've just released a beta version of PureRef 2.0 with updated NSIS that also runs through VirusTotal clean if you want to give that a go.
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