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Hello, I've used PureRef for a while now and thought my numbers and experience might be of value.
I used to put all my reference and inspiration into one document, which eventually exceeded the RAM my computer has, which is 32GB.
Luckily the file itself was just under 32GB, but playing a single YouTube video was enough to go into swap and make my computer extremely slow.
So I learned RAM usage was something to look out for and cut the PureRef file into four smaller ones by topic which I use to this day. And I'll have to cut up file 2 again sometime soon.

I wonder if anyone else has ever created a PureRef file that occupies nearly 32GB of ram before.
Here are the numbers of my (still large) PureRef files:

File 1: 1.7GB on disk 10.6GB in memory
File 2: 3.9GB on disk 24.3GB in memory
File 3: 3.8GB on disk 19.9GB in memory
File 4: 2.1GB on disk 10.2GB in memory

So there's that, I hereby proclaim myself as the creator of the largest PureRef file, but you are welcome to challenge that title.
I definitely challenge that title. I have 128GB in my system and this file is 88GB loaded in RAM. My current project is a bit of an issue due to the amount of photos, so it's not just me loading as many files as possible for shits and giggles. I actually need all of these.

I was just thinking, maybe what PR needs is nested projects. Make smaller project files and nest them into a master PR file with the ability to move in and out of them at will while unloading images from RAM as necessary. Maybe represent the nested projects with text objects and you can add your own thumbnails/photos to it like normal.

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Thanks for sharing your numbers although they make us sweat a bit ;)

We've put a lot of effort into making this better in PureRef 2.0 that is now available as a beta on the download page if you want to give it a go.

Basically we've added a streaming system that offloads images to disk. There is a new setting called "Performance mode" to control which resource that should be prioritized. You can read more here: https://pureref.com/handbook/2.0/settings/#performance-mode . The "Cache on disk" mode will lower your RAM usage by a huge amount but use a bit of temporary disk space.

Nested projects is something we've thought about too so we'll note that its something you would like to see for future versions!
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