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I recently discovered PureRef and think it's awesome! However, reviewing the changelog and browsing this forum, it seems like it has been pretty much abandoned. It's clear that many people use and love this software, but the last reply from the devs was about a year ago. It isn't open source either, so nobody can help it survive; the forum just fills with unanswered posts.

As a newcomer, I don't want to invest in a program that's already EOL. So I ask: does PureRef have a future? (Please say yes!)
Hey there, we are very much alive but we are a small team with limited time and we focus on development and answering support mails!
That's great to hear!! Thank you very much for your reply!
I think its clear this software is no longer being maintained, there hasn't been an update since 2020. Its best this is open sourced because the program still has issues.
Any new info from creators of software?
Any new info from creators of software?
I'm still hoping for animated gif support. Though it looks like it's been 3 years since any kind of update, so not looking hopeful :/
Sorry for the long wait, we've finally released a beta version of PureRef 2.0 that you can download on the download page if you want to give it a try! (It does support animated gifs :)
Amazing! I love the update so much
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