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I'm logged in and trying to redown Pureref on my new PC- its asking me to pay again? Am I missing something?
No, Scotto. You technically didn't even have to pay for it the first time. While the developers appreciate your support and would love for you to contribute, paying is 100% voluntary. Just enter a custom amount of $0 and it'll treat it as a free download. Not a glitch. Not a bug. More likely just a way of working with and acknowledging the fact that some people, in some parts of the world, may want to pay, but cannot.
Technically I payed twice for pureref. Once when I first dowloaded it years a go, and once when it was updated to the more recent version. I wouldn't mind paying once again if another update drops....but it's been like 2 years of no updates or news from the creators.
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