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I cant seem to move the PureRef window around the screen. every time I click to move the window it starts a click and highlight box. I don't have a mouse and it did work when i first downloaded it so im guessing i have pressed something wrong somewhere.

Any ideas?
We just released a new version of PureRef, 1.11.0, that we think might work better in this regard, could you give that a go and see if it works better?
I had the same problem – cannot move PureRef window. Every time I clicked left mb I got context menu or a finder window. I have MacBook Pro Mid 2012 Mojave 10.14.6 and 1.11.1 PureRef + Wacom Intuos tablet. So I changed default PureRef settings in Key Bindings/System and it seems to be a solution for me.

I have

Move Window – Left MB + Space
Resize Window – Left MB
Open Context Menu – control
Thanks this fixed my problem
your only click the second botton in your mouse and move the window
I am having the same issue.

I am using an iMac running VENTURA 13.1 OS and use a track pad.

I can't get the window to move. Any advice? Thanks

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Update. I just re-assigned the control to be left click and "w". That seems to work.

for anyone looking to do the same, there is a "keyboarder' link in the help menu from the top drop down.

Hope that helps
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