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I'd like to chime in and say thank you for making this gem of a program.

I'm an embedded systems engineer, and my work involves digging through countless pdfs of schematics, datasheets, and internal documentation every day. I have now compiled a large PureRef file containing _everything_, and it has boosted my productivity significantly. Laying out all this information on an endless playground really clicks with the way my brain works.

Engineers are probably not your intended target audience, but PureRef has been one of the best performance boosting programs I've come across in recent years. I also love the no-nonsense approach you've taken; it's a treat to use.

Best regards,
Glad to hear you like PureRef and thanks for sharing how you use it! Schematics and documents are also references so you are using it exactly as we intended; easy access to references that help you do your own work :)
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