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I wondering where are the image source files located after saving?

My situation is that I have screencap images temporarily saved on Desktop. I then drag and drop them into PureRef, save the PureRef file in another Drive, then delete the source image on Desktop.

Now when I open the PureRef the images shows up no problem but of course when I select the image and open source it can't locate it anymore because it's already gone.

Does this mean that all the images saved within PureRef is in the file itself and won't be missing as long the .pur file is not corrupted? Or if I happen to re-install OS or share the .pur file the images will no longer show up on another computer?
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As long as you have the setting "Embed local images in save file" all images will be saved within the .pur. So you don't have to worry about losing the images if you have the .pur file.
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