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...because I have another one for you here. This is the perfect viewing platform for my panoramic photography project: simple, fast with even the largest of images, infinite zoom without long loading times, fully customizable controls and quite easy on my system (aka my old laptop) to run. Thank you so much for creating and maintaining this software!
We're always glad to hear that PureRef is useful! Thank you for the praise and for sharing how you use PureRef :)
I second this! PureRef has been tremendous for my workflow. I use it daily and I'm very thankful to its creators.
I ..third this XD

Pure ref was recommended to me by a friend, and I didn't think much of it at first but I gave it a chance and it has been unbelievably helpful ! You guys are geniuses, it's everything that one needs as a concept artist.
No more 1000 windows open, no more time to make stupid photoshop ref boards that take up a ton of space.
Thank you!
I.....4th this!

Thanks very much, so slick and useful.

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