PureRef - The simple reference viewer PureRef - The simple reference viewerPureRef - The simple reference viewerPureRef - The simple reference viewerPureRef - The simple reference image viewer by Idyllic PixelIdyllic Pixel - Creating things we enjoy!
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PureRef was created to be a simple and lightweight tool for artists to organize and view their reference images. Following is an overview of the features and at the bottom you will find a list of keybinds.

Add images

You can drag-n-drop files from your computer or images directly from browsers. You can also use the right-click menu or ctrl+v to paste them.

Edit images

You can edit your images in a few ways to fit your reference need. You can:

  • Select one or more
  • Focus on one or more(doubleclick/space)
  • Rotate (freely or with snapping using shift)
  • Flip
  • Scale
  • Crop
  • Change opacity
  • Delete
  • Save images

Control the canvas

The canvas is your scene which can also be used in several ways. Features include:

  • Optimize the canvas around your images.
  • Pack your images.
  • Toggle always on top-function.
  • Toggle transparent to mouse-function.
  • Lock the canvas for editing.
  • Clear canvas.
  • Undo/redo.
  • Reset camera.
  • Save/load your scenes.
  • Export scenes.


You can customize the appearance and keyboard shortcuts of PureRef to fit your needs.

  • Customize colours.
  • Save color themes.
  • Change master opacity.
  • Customize keybindings.

Default Keybindings


Export All ImagesCtrl+Alt+I
Always On BottomCtrl+Shift+B
Always On TopCtrl+Shift+A
Align BottomCtrl+Down
Arrange By AdditionCtrl+Alt+A
Arrange By NameCtrl+Alt+N
Clear CanvasCtrl+K
Decrease Master OpacityCtrl+-
Normalize HeightCtrl+Alt+Left
Increase Master OpacityCtrl++
Align LeftCtrl+Left
Load ImagesCtrl+I
Load Most RecentCtrl+Shift+L
Lock CanvasCtrl+R
Lock WindowCtrl+W
Open SourceCtrl+Shift+O
Arrange OptimalCtrl+P
Optimize CanvasCtrl+O
Overlay SelectionCtrl+Y
Pack All And OptimizeCtrl+Shift+P
Preset Custom1Alt+4
Preset Custom2Alt+5
Preset Custom3Alt+6
Preset Custom4Alt+7
Preset DarkAlt+1
Preset GlassAlt+3
Preset LightAlt+2
Reset CameraCtrl+G
Reset Camera ZoomCtrl+Shift+G
Reset CroppingCtrl+Shift+C
Reset TransformCtrl+Shift+T
Resize To SelectionCtrl+Shift+R
Align RightCtrl+Right
Save AsCtrl+Shift+S
Export SceneCtrl+E
Export Selected ImagesCtrl+Shift+I
Normalize SizeCtrl+Alt+Up
Toggle Bilinear SamplingAlt+T
Toggle GrayscaleAlt+G
Align TopCtrl+Up
Transparent To MouseCtrl+T
Normalize WidthCtrl+Alt+Right


Axis Snapped Move ItemLeft MB + Shift
Change OpacityLeft MB + Ctrl+Alt+Shift
Continuous SelectLeft MB + Shift
Crop SelectionLeft MB + C
FlipLeft MB + Alt+Shift
Focus ImageSpace
Focus Next ImageRight
Focus Previous ImageLeft
Move ItemLeft MB
Neighbour Snapped Move ItemLeft MB + Shift+Space
PanLeft MB + Alt
PanMiddle MB
Pan (While Locked)Left MB
Pan (While Maximized)Right MB
Pan CroppingLeft MB + V
RotateLeft MB + Ctrl
ScaleLeft MB + Ctrl+Alt
Select AllCtrl+A
Select ItemsLeft MB
Send To BackDown
Send To FrontUp
Show Color CodeLeft MB + S
Show Image CoordinateLeft MB + D
Snapped RotateLeft MB + Ctrl+Shift
ZoomLeft MB + Z
Zoom CroppingLeft MB + Shift+V


Move WindowRight MB
Open Context MenuRight MB
Resize WindowLeft MB